🇺🇸 I just need one

I couldn’t get those eyes out of my mind.
The back of his neck.. Even his butt – that was too big for a boy – I’m not complaining, but that wasn’t very common, right?
I’ll start from the begining.
Let’s start with: being a new student has some advantages. It’s like the boys from my class said, it’s like I’m a coca cola on a desert. Or I’m Megan’s Fox and Ian ‘s Somerhalder daughter.
Yeah. Something like that.
But all of that is because no student get in a school in the senior year. Most of them get in the first year.
But I’m not notmal.
Let’s go back to the begining. My name is Indie Monroe; what kind of drug addicted on earth name his kid Indie Monroe? Yeap. That’s Flora, my mom – who’s not very normal. But I’ m over it -.
We used to live in Oklahoma – me and my brother Christian (18), and that was ok; till my mom decided to move out. Out of nowhere.
She said that our house brought bad memories and that was no longer a house to her.
In the “bad memories” she ment dad. He leave us when I was 10.
No one in my family is normal.
Moving on, we came to Oregon, because it is where grandpa and grandma lives, so we aren’t totally lost. My mom brought a great house, well localized and near mu school, so I can go back and fort on foot everyday! But of course I don’t do that, duh.
Christian has a car and he always give me a ride to school.
Taking away the fact that boys are really a keen observer, the people in here are very cool. They received me well and also the teachers. I don’t know. Sometimes I feel like I’m at Oklahoma again and everything is back to normal.
There were a guy.
Obviously; there is always a boy.
Tall, blondy, with a nice haircut. And he was hot. Man, he was so hot.
Luke Meloni.
But he was an year younger than me. Yeah, and theres more..
He’s the kind of guy that say “sex” and start to laugh. Kinda douch.
But his eyes.. Yeah, he got a look.
It feels like get into your soul.
I know. It’s crazzy.
-Ow, Indie! Hold on! – I heard Aly scream and looked above my head.
We were organizing the ginasium to a party that were going to take place on the next day. Aly was on the stairs changing some lamps while I was holding her, and telling somethings I heard about Luke.
She hand over me some burned lamps and I gave her the new ones.
-You have to talk to him. It’s not hard. You have to say “hey”. He’ll answer you “hey!” – she said, grumbling.
We were in the middle of the year and till now nothing. Just looking in here, looking in there. It’s that. I like rough game.
Or I’m scared to death of him coming to talk to me one day and I don’t even know how to speak anymore. Ok. I still prefer the first option.
-What if he did’nt answer me? I stay like: “why the hell is this strange girl talking to me?”
-Then you show him that finger. You are beautiful, girl.
-You are just saying that because you are Alyson Blake, Female alpha.
Aly laughed, almost falling off the stairs. I forced my hands in the stairs, holding on her and we laughed together.
I always refered that away about her. She studies since 500 years ago in this school and every, e-v-er-y guy knows her. And of course, every one thinks she’s hot as hell.
A blondy hot and smart girl.
Even girls falls for her.
Just kidding. Or not.
I really want Luke, oh my God.
-I stil think he’s an asshole. – She said, getting down the stairs – But I warned you, I have my contacts. I’ll put him in your hands.
-I know he’s, Aly. – I said, unwrapping some boxes and getting some flags to her hang. – But no. I don’t want that way. I want him to come to me naturally.
-You expect a lot from people, kid. You barely know him. Chill out! Go to a party that he’s also going, get drunk and get him that way. Squeeze that little touchy. You’ll make your feitish come true.
I laughed.
-What kind of feitih are you guys talking about? – We hear a masculine voice coming close. It was Thomas. He was our age. I took some classes with him.
I was lowered, still taking off some accessories from the boxes when I got cramps on my leg and I fell.
-For God’s sake. – Thomas laughed, getting close to us. – Why the hell I’m never with a camera to record moments like these? – He laughed – Are you ok?
He could be a douch sometimes. But he was a cool guy. And hot. Yep. The difference between him and luke is exactly that: he knows I’m real, he aspeaks to me and well.. he’s funny. Sometimes.
-It was. Till now, Thomas. – I said, scrolling my eyes.
He stood in front of me, raising his hand to help me get up. I looked suspicious to him and he buffed.
I gave up and he gave me a hell of a pull. Our bodies colapsed into each other.
Even when I got up, he didn’t get way from me and didn’t let go my hand. I looked inside his eyes, blushing.

  • Thanks. – I pulled myself away.
    -What are you guys doing in here?The school hired you?
    -Yea. We placed you, sice you aren’t worthing it. – Ally said to him and I laughed, catching my stuffs that fall on the floor.
    -You 2 are too funny today. – Thomas got next to me, helping me.
    -And what are you doing here? – I asked
    -English classes. – I frowned. – What? – He asked, laughing.
    Thomas had a beautiful smile and cool “light brown” eyes. I need to admit; he was brunet and a little bit taller than me. And really smelly.
    -English?Can’t you speak?
    -Just like you can’t do math.
    I scrolled my eyes.
    I had surtain difficulty in math since I was born.
    -Hey, hey, I was joking. – He got up with me. – What time are you coming tomorrow?
    -2pm. Why? Are you going to need more help?
    -Maybe I will. – Thomas smiled, blinking to me and going out. – Bye bye, see ya.
    What the hell he ment when he said “maybe I will”?
  • I felt some vibes or… ? – Aly said, getting together our stuff.
    -You didn’t felt anything. Because it’s nothing. – I answered back in defensive.
    He’s cute and everything but.. I wouldn’t hook up with him.
    -ok. Going back to the blondie.. What are you going to talk to him if he comes to you?

-I have no idea. – I frowned, laughing and getting out of the ginasium with her.

I arrived at the paty before 2 pm. Aly was running late and asked me If I could get ahed of her.
Christian went with me to help me to put up our snack bar.
When it got really full of people, he disappeared in the middle of that people.
And it was a lot of people for me to attend. And I was alone.
-Are you ok in there? – I felt relieved to hear that voice.
-Thomas! Can you hold in here for 2 minutes, please? I’m going to dance in a few minutes, I need to fix my hair.
-Of course, no problem. – He said, getting in.
-Ok, I won’t be long.
I got out and in my way to the bathrooom I saw someone that I recognize and I stopped for a second.
It was Luke.
Whispering in some other girls ear. Kidding her neck.
I got in the toalet, fixed my hair as soon as I got out, I was being called to dance
-I tought you were gone. – Aly said, bumping into me. – Hey, whats up? You are not with a good face.
-Luke was with another girl. – I scrolled my eyes. – I’m out. That’s it.
-What an sshole! He should crawl for you! – Aly said and I laughed a bit. – Let’s dance, ok? There’s someone in here that’s crazzy to dance with you..
-Indie! – Thomas came to us. He looked desperate.
-What? What happened?What the fuck did you do?
Aly laughed.
-Up stairs.. The candies.. – he barely could breath. – The candies..
-Oh god!
-RUN! – Aly yelled.
We both runned up stairs where were the candies to a party for the ex students.When I arrived at the kitchen, opened the refrigerator, all the candies were still there.
-You are an asshole! – I said closing it and turning me to Thomas, that was coming into the kitchen with a silly smile on his face,
-I wouldn’t make you come up stairs in another way.
-And why did you need to do this..
-Sorry for interrupt. – he stood in front of me, messing my hair. – I.. I kinda like you, for real, you know?
-I know? – I laughed.
-I’m serious, Indie. – he smiled – I like playing with you and seeing you smiling. I like when you talk shit and then you come to your sense and get embarassed. I even like the way you sleep in math classes. – we both laughed.
-I’m constantly trying.. I mean, I don’t know if you feel the same way..
Before anything else, Thomas put a part of my hair behind my ear and his hand in the back of my neck, putting together our lips.
As cliche as it could be.. but when our togues met each other it was like a firework. It was soo good. So explosive.
I put my hands around his neck and caressed his neck, wont letting his lip go.
-I tried so many times to do that.. – Thomas whispered putting our foreheads together.
-Maybe I was too busy noticing every detail of yours to fall in love with somebody else.. So I think I feel the same way.- I said, touching his lips. – can you kiss me again?
-What did you say?
-Please? – I laughed
-Please what?
-You’re an asshole. – When I was pulling myself away, he grabbed my arm, turning me and kissing me again
-We need to go down stairs. We have to dance. – I whispered, kissing him.
-Sure. – He said, smiling.
When we got down, aly was talking to our professor, trying to distract him. She looked at us, relieved, smiling.
-I tought you guys were going to take years! – said, getting close.
-I feel your touch in this. – I whispered.
-Maybe. – she blanked at me. – you deserve someone that notice you. Not a douch.
I smiled at here and before I could say anything the music started to play and we all started to dance.
I notice Luke looking at me sometimes. He must have seen me and Thomas getting down together. But I wouldn’t miss this oportunity..
Not this time.
In the middle of the dance when I got close to him, I said in his ear:
-It could’ve been you.
When he got a chance, he answered in my ear:
-And why cant still be?
-I just need one.
He looked at me serious and didn’t say anything. Thomas was distract in the end of the dance and didn’t see when Luke came to me, saying:
-What’s up with you, Monroe?I have to crawl for you ?
-I can make you crawl for me. When I want to.
I got away from him.
Of coure I still want to hook up with Luke. But I like being loved, deserved.
-Are you ok? – Tomas came to me, touching my lips.
-Yeah! Great!
-Are you doing something now? – I said “no, why?” – Let’s go to my place? Watch a movie, whatever? Then, he gave me that smile.
-I would love to.

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